koning video

koning video is all about producing the best quality video and audio for your needs. Successful video hinges upon many factors.  First it must  tell an interesting story, second it demands visual design insight, and lastly it requires precise editing techniques. It is the editing that sometimes makes or breaks the intended message, rather it is a 10  second spot, or a movie production.

Of course today, anyone can shoot video. However, few can shoot quality visual compositions with clear, crisp sound. Equipment certainly plays a role, but to achieve rich velvety blacks, accurate color balance, and sharp imagery requires skill and experience. koning design multimedia possesses the skills and has the experience to get the job done right.

Event Video

Below is a event video promotion for the Carmel International Arts Festival, and an interview with artist, Jacqueline Gnott.



Raw Video

Here you can locate some of my raw video that can be added to a larger production. Stay tuned more to come!